Areas of application for heavy-duty rails in industry:

In the industrial sector, telescopic rails are not only to be found in the machines themselves, they are also required for the manufacture of the respective products. Their most important function is to provide easy access to all equipment and machines. Accordingly, they are used in many applications. Here are a few examples of possible applications. Info terminals:

Areas of application for heavy-duty rails:

Schwerlastschien von Miluxor in der Industrie - Miluxor bietet Teleskopschienen für sehr hohe Belastungen. Deutscher Hersteller für Teleskopschienen

Applications for telescopic and heavy-duty rails in the industry

Info terminals: Info terminals are usually designed to contain a large amount of hardware. With particularly short and compact telescopic slides it is possible to make optimum use of the available space.

Milling machines: The doors of milling machines can be locked with the appropriate rails.

Print shop | digital printer: Printers have become an important utensil today and are in constant use in many areas. It is of course important that the necessary maintenance can be carried out as quickly as possible. Heavy-duty rails ensure that maintenance does not take longer than absolutely necessary.

Fertigung der Teleskopschienen - Bohranlage
(Applications of heavy duty rails in the industrial sector - Milling machines)

Mail sorting machines: Even though there is already a lot of communication via e-mail today, many letters are still sent. A mail sorting machine uses drawers on which the respective sorting containers are placed. These drawers often use heavy-duty rails. The mail is sorted and then placed in the appropriate container. Rails used in this area must be able to withstand very high loads because they are used very intensively, practically without a break.

Teleskopschienen im Flugzeugbau und der Luftfahrt - Miluxor Schienen GmbH
(Application possibilities of heavy duty rails in the area of industry - airport)

Check-in devices: vThe waiting times at the airport during check-in are always very long, but if a check-in device fails, the whole procedure takes much longer.

With the help of telescopic rails, it is also possible to achieve optimum accessibility in the event that maintenance or repair work needs to be carried out. If an airline has a major malfunction, the entire interior can be replaced quickly and easily, and passenger handling can continue without a problem.

Heavy-duty rails for industrial applications:

In today’s industry, nothing runs at all without large machines that produce the respective products. More and more has to be produced, and at best in a shorter and shorter period of time. For the machines, this means that maximum performance must be achieved continuously. In the industrial sector, efficiency plays a very important role. The machines must be able to withstand very high loads over a long period of time. They often come into contact with corrosive or highly toxic substances, and yet they must always function absolutely reliably. Even the slightest deviation can cause the machine to stop. What that means for efficiency and for the costs is clear: production costs are increased and efficiency is reduced.

Teleskopschienen Schwerlast - Schienen vom deutschen Hersteller Miluxor im Einsatz

Therefore, it is important that all parts of such a machine are very robust, but can also be easily replaced and assembled. Rails are used in many production machines. They can be used, for example, to open flaps and housings, or to position necessary tools. They also help to move control panels and monitors. Telescopic rails also make maintenance considerably easier as they allow easy access to the machine parts. They are available in different lengths and can carry very heavy loads. Our telescopic rails are also available as heavy-duty rails.

A heavy-duty extension is available as a partial extension, a full extension or an over extension. These telescopic rails are able to withstand loads of up to 2000 kilograms and even more. Even under the highest pressure, they function very smoothly and reliably for many years without any loss of stability. Telescopic slides are available in many sizes to suit every industrial application.

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