Applications for telescopic slides in aircraft construction / aviation

Telescopic rails are used in aircraft construction mainly for interior fittings. In this area many parts are installed in a high number. These rails are particularly light due to their clever design which saves a lot of weight. But there is no compromise with telescopic rails, which are used for folding tables, seats or even adjustable furniture elements. They must always function optimally and offer passengers the desired comfort. They are also important for drawers. Air planes are constantly exposed to vibrations. Then it is particularly important that everything is properly and safely stowed in the interior. This applies not only to passenger traffic, but also to freight traffic.

Applications of heavy duty telescopic slides:

Teleskopschienen im Bereich Flugzeugbau und Luftfahrt - Miluxor Schienen

Telescopic rails in airplane construction

One day in Berlin, the next day in New York, and two days later in Tokyo – many people travel a lot all over the world for both business and pleasure. Airplanes are particularly important for covering long distances in the shortest possible time. Only they are able to get people from A to B as quickly as possible. Passengers always want to fly in a particularly comfortable and convenient manner. They have high expectations of the aircraft and the airlines. The flight boom continues unabated. The will to always travel to new countries is far more appealing than worrying about the CO2 balance. Business people in particular cannot and do not want to travel without using airplanes to get to their destinations. Barely any person in a high position can sit in a train for hours just to get to the next meeting.

Even the holidays of normal employees are barely enough to reach their holiday destination which most likely is thousands of kilometers away by sailboat. Therefore, companies in the aircraft construction industry still have well-filled order books. The current trend is towards larger aircraft that can carry more passengers. Accordingly, it is naturally becoming more difficult to keep the aircraft as light as possible without sacrificing comfort.

Teleskopschienen Schwerlast in der Luftfahrttechnik
(Telescopic slides for heavy loads in aircraft construction)

Requirements for telescopic rails in the aircraft industry

The aircraft industry naturally wants to meet the high demands made by passengers, and it also places very high demands on its suppliers. For them, the most modern technologies and materials are in their focus. They often require special solutions that have to be implemented. Weight reduction also plays a major role, as this is the only way to keep fuel costs low. In aircraft construction, a lot of importance is attached to the design of the interior of the aircraft. All materials that are used must offer certain qualities.

Schwerlastschienen vom deutschen Hersteller in der Luftfahrttechnik
(Telescopic slides heavy duty aircraft construction | heavy duty slides in aviation technology)

These include a high load-bearing capacity, a lightweight construction, good durability and also reduced dimensions. Neither comfort nor ergonomics must be neglected. Of course, a long service life is also very important. Materials and products that are used for external applications should be particularly stable, as they must be able to withstand very high forces. It is also very important that the maintenance requirements are low, to reduce downtime.

All applications that are used in the interior of aircraft must also ensure smooth running and quiet performance. Good ergonomics also play a major role. Telescopic slides are also used in the light aircraft industry, where they ensure that the cockpit can always be opened and closed safely. Of course, it is also very important in this area that the telescopic rails are robust and yet light.

Telescopic slides - light, comfortable and stable

In contrast to many other ways of transport, with airplanes really every gram counts. Especially in the interior, it is possible to save a lot of weight with the right components. For the passenger, this means that prices do not increase dramatically due to excessive fuel consumption. The environment is also less affected by lighter airplanes. The telescopic rails used must offer a high load capacity and load bearing capacity, and this under all conditions.
It is also important to have the right smooth-running properties, as well as low operating noises and a compact design.

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