Areas of application for heavy-duty rails in vehicle manufacturing

Thanks to their compact dimensions, telescopic rails are particularly versatile in vehicle construction. In addition to a solid construction, they also offer a particularly high load capacity. Corrosion protection and increased puncture resistance are also important, both are achieved by appropriate surface treatment.

Areas of application for heavy-duty telescopic rails:

Stable telescopic rails for highest requirements

There are not only basic cars and trucks on the roads, but also a lot of utility vehicles, special vehicles and transporters. These vehicles have other tasks than just carrying people from A to B. These special vehicles include fire trucks, ambulances and special transporters, for example for furniture and other bulky objects. They also include utility vehicles for craftsmen, which are equipped with different types of equipment. The parts that are used for the assembly of a special vehicle should always be selected very carefully.

Requirements for heavy-duty rails

Such a heavy-duty slide must not only be able to satisfy the requirements of daily use, but above all the specific requirements that the automotive industry places on this type of telescopic slide. This involves shocks, vibrations and moisture resistance. In addition, it is very important that such a heavy-duty slide works optimally even under very challenging conditions.

They are used in many special vehicles. A heavy-duty slide must be both easy to use and very reliable. It is also very important that such a slide fits perfectly into the space available for it that’s why it is available as a partial, full or over-extension slide.

Schwerlastauszug Fahrzeugbau - Schwerlastschienen im Feuerwehrauto
(Possible applications for heavy-duty rails in the area of special vehicle construction)
Schwerlastauszug Fahrzeugbau - Teleskopschienen Schwerlast von Miluxor im Einsatz
(Possible applications for heavy-duty rails in the field of transporter construction)

In many areas of vehicle construction, it is essential that the heavy-duty rails are especially resistant to shocks and vibrations. They also have to function perfectly if they come into contact with impurities, moisture or dust. Even temperature fluctuations should not be a problem for these rails either. They are often used for shelf and storage systems or for mounting adjustable surfaces. They are put under a lot of pressure in everyday use.

Telescopic rails with full extension, partial extension or also with over extension are capable of withstanding loads of up to 2000 kilograms and more. They function particularly smoothly and without any loss of stability for many years even while operating with heavy weight. Telescopic slides are available in various installation sizes. Wide drawers, a narrow pull-out, and many more variations.

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