Application areas for heavy-duty rails in shipbuilding

Telescopic rails offer very compact dimensions and can therefore be used very flexibly in shipbuilding. The solid construction and the high load-bearing capacity of the these rails ensure that everything runs smoothly in shipping. The corrosion protection is very important, but also the increase of the puncture resistance plays an important role. Both can be guaranteed by appropriate surface treatment. Heavy-duty rails always offer suitable solutions for all types of motion and access applications.

Applications of telescopic rails for heavy loads in shipbuilding:

Teleskopschienen im Schiffbau - deutscher Hersteller von Teleskopschienen Schwerlast

Heavy-duty slides & telescopic slides — perfect for the highest demands in shipbuilding

Cars, trucks, trains — all vehicles that transport people or goods through a city or even around the world. Ships are another means of transport. The importance of shipping is often underestimated. This does not only mean commercial shipping, but also passenger shipping is playing an increasingly major role. Most of Germany’s foreign trade is conducted by sea. The entire German economy depends on merchant shipping. The relatively low transport costs compared to trains, trucks and airplanes make shipping so attractive for the economy.

It is expected that the maritime sector will continue to grow strongly. Already, around 400,000 jobs in Germany are dependent on the maritime sector. The large ships transport everything from chemicals and consumer goods to cars. Accordingly, ships must of course be built to be robust and stable. This requires high-quality components that can withstand the heavy loads at any time.

Heavy-duty rails are also used in many areas. However, the location itself, the ship, places very high demands on the telescopic rails used. It is well known that corrosion is a major problem in shipping. Telescopic slides that do not have the appropriate corrosion protection will not be usable for very long. Heavy-duty rails for shipping must function perfectly even under difficult conditions. They must be reliable and, of course, easy to use.

Schwerlastschienen von Miluxor - Qualität vom deutschen Schienenhersteller
(Schwerlastschienen im Bereich Schiffbau)

Special requirements for telescopic rails for heavy loads in shipbuilding

Heavy-duty rails for shipbuilding must be resistant to corrosion from seawater and sea air, but they must also be resistant to oils and fuels that can attack the rails. Moisture, impurities and dust must not bother the telescopic slides. They are used in very different areas, both on transport ships and on cruise ships. All heavy-duty rails have one thing in common, they are all exposed to very heavy loads in daily use.

Teleskopschienen für schwere Lasten im Bereich Schiffbau
(Schwerlastschienen im Bereich Schiffbau)

Another challenge is often the available space. Depending on the location, only little space is available. This challenge must also be dealt with. Telescopic rails with full extension, partial extension or over extension can withstand loads of up to 2,000 kilograms and even more.

In spite of heavy and continuous loads due to high weight, the rails work very smoothly and show no loss of stability. Heavy-duty rails are available in various installation sizes, for example for wide drawers or narrow pull-outs.

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